Salad + Juice Bar Yaletown, Vancouver
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One day juice cleanse

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  • Juice cleansing is a highly effective method to keep the human body clean of pollutants. Using key ingredients, our cleanses introduce essential vitamins, minerals, and anti oxidants to help scrub your digestion of preservatives, toxins and pollutants.
  • 1 Day Cleanse is about helping you revitalize the process of getting back on track with long-term lifestyle changes. This is the easiest cleanse to take. Enjoy 6 bottles of cold-pressed juice!

  • Our juices are loaded with live enzymes and full spectrum of required nutrition (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, h2o, protein and fats)

    Day 1
    1. Essential Greens 4. Funky Mint
    2. ABC2 5. Almond Milk
    3. Spicy Greens 6. Essential Greens
  • Facts:
    • All produce is sourced locally first 🇨🇦 
    • 100% raw, vegan & gluten free
    • Our cold-pressed juice is unpasteurized, raw and highly perishable - keep refrigerated!
    • Separation is natural, shake before consuming.
    • Nutrition facts

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